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Sarah's Weight Loss Journal

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My February Journal

I'll be entering my notes and thoughts on this page--hopefully daily.  I may even go so far as to write down what I'm eating! 
Goal Weight:  135  
Goal Pant Size:  10       
Exercise Goal:  Currently, 4 days per week, but working up to 5-6 days per week.
Weigh-In Day:  Friday because I like to splurge a little on the weekends!
Body Type:  Thin/muscular arms & legs, big boobs, fat waist, and no hips.  Kind of like a guy.  I carry my fat in my belly.
Other:  Gonna start out slowly and see how it goes!  I'm also a breastfeeding mom!

Mon., Feb. 2, 2004
Had an awful weekend (we all have colds, Garrett acting up), so I didn't really keep track of points.  No workouts, except I cleaned the house on Sat.  Gonna do Pilates & keep track of points today.
Food:  Slim-Fast (4), Coffee (2)...I did well until I had to finish that last piece of cheesecake and have a little chocolate milk. 
Tues., Feb. 3, 2004
Did my Cellulite aerobics tape.
Food:  Slim-Fast (4), Coffee (2), Lean Pocket (6), Ramen Noodle Soup (4), Cappucino (4), 2 bowls Kashi Heart to Heart w/ milk (6), Cheddar Pretzels (2), Diet Rootbeer.  Yey!  I actually did well today!
Wed., Feb. 4, 2004
Did Pilates today.
Food:  Slim-Fast (4), Coffee (2), Fettucine Alfredo SmartOne (5) w/ 2 Chicken Tenders (2), Cappucino (4), Some Doritos (3), Zatarain's French Market Rice & Vegetables (6) w/ Chicken (1), Water, Crystal Light, Cheddar Pretzels (2).  Woo-hoo!  I think I'll have a bit o' chocolate to celebrate.  ;oP
Thurs., Feb. 5, 2004
Did Fat Burner today.
Food:  Slim-Fast (4), Coffee (2), Rice w/ oy Sauce & 2 Chicken Tenders (7), Water, Diet Rootbeer, Lite String Cheese (2), Slim-Fast Snack Bar (2), Zatarain's leftovers (7), Cheddar Pretzels (2), Decaf Tea w/ Splenda (0), Water.  Did well today!
Fri., Feb. 6, 2004
Doesn't look like I lost any weight.  Gonna feed the babe again, then reweigh, but I doubt that'll help.  Did lose a quarter inch in the waist and hips, so it's something.  I'm not sure what to do to get the scale to cooperate.  I don't feel like I should cut more calories b/c of breastfeeding, but I could still be eating better.  I'm starting to think that I just won't be able to lose it until I stop BFing and I have no idea when that'll be.  Blah!
Got about 8 inches of snow yesterday and it's snowing again this morning.  Feeling stuck in the house and want to be naughty and bake some cookies!
Not sure if I'm going to work out today or not.  Maybe later.
Food:  Slim-Fast (4), Coffee (2), Bean & Cheese Quesadilla w/ Salsa (6), V8 (1)
Sat. Feb. 7, 2004
My 30th Birthday!  No counting points and such today!
Sun., Feb. 8, 2004
Had a bad Sunday b/c Gracen has an ear infection.  Had McDonald's for lunch, so I didn't really track points.
Mon., Feb. 9, 2004
Gonna do Kick Butt video this afternoon...Done and done!
Food:  Slim-Fast (4), Coffee (2), Veggie Pizza SmartOne (8), Water, Popcorn (1), Lite String Cheese (2), Cheesy Enchilada Hamburger Helper on a FF Tortilla.  I'm sure I went over but HH was worth it!  Tum!
Tues., Feb. 10, 2004
Did Pilates today.
Food:  Slim-Fast (4), Coffee (2), Ravioli SmartOne (4), 2 pcs. Garlic Toast (2), 1/2 svg. Hominy (.5), Chocolate Chips (3), Popcorn (1), Cheesy Enchilada Hamburger Helper leftovers.  Probably over again, but oh well!
Wed. Feb. 11, 2004
Gonna do some sort of workout today, then going grocery shopping this afternoon.  Got Fat Burner done!
Food:  Slim-Fast (4), Coffee (2), Progressor Chicken Pot Pie Soup (4), Crackers (4), Cappucino (4)
Fri., Feb. 13, 2004
I'm a LOSER!  Yey!  Lost 2 lbs., but only a quarter inch in the waist.  Guess the scale is just catching up.  Didn't work out yesterday and probably won't be able to today either.  Busy, busy, busy!  Haven't done so great with my eating, but I guess the scale doesn't care.  Won't be writing down food this weekend.
Tues., Feb. 17, 2004
My baby girl is 4 months old today!  Had a nice weekend with my family.  Ate too much, but oh well!  Back on the wagon today.  Got a quesadilla maker for my birthday and can't wait to try it.  Did Tae Bo.
Food:  Slim-Fast (4), Chicken Enchilada Suiza SmartOne (6), Tortilla Chips (3), Salsa (0), Popcorn (1), Coffee (2), Quesadilla (6), Spanish Rice (4), Salsa, 2 Cookies (5).
Wed., Feb. 18, 2004
Did Pilates.
Food:  Slim-Fast (4), Coffee (2), Potato & Broccoli SmartOne (5) w/ 2 Chicken Tenders (2), Cappucino (4), Choc. Chip Cookie (3), Refried Bean Chili (??)
Thurs., Feb. 19, 2004
Fat Burner video...DONE!!
Food:  Slim-Fast (4), Meatball Smartwich (6), Hominy (3.5), Cheddar Pretzels (2), Cappucino (4), Refried Bean Chili (??), then went downhill with some sweets & drinks.  Grrr!
Fri., Feb. 20, 2004
Not a loser this week, but didn't gain either.  It was to be expected what with the way I've been eating.  Still lost a quarter inch in the bust and waist, so I can't complain.  This whole process is just SO darn slow while breastfeeding!  No workout today.
Food:  Slim-Fast (4)
Sun., Feb. 22, 2004
Well, the process doesn't get any faster when my eating is out of control!  Grrr!  Have to seriously buckle down this week.
Mon., Feb. 23, 2004
Going to the city today for Gracen's 4 month check-up.  Hoping I can eat decently today.  I was wrong!  Ate badly, badly, badly.
Tues., Feb. 24, 2004
Going to do some type of workout sometime today.  Did Kick Butt video.  Decided I'm giving up candy for Lent.
Food:  Slim-Fast (4), Coffee (2), Breakfast Quesadilla (6), Salsa (0), a few Cheddar Pretzels (1), 3 cookies (4), 2 cups Chai Latte (Gotta figure it out.  Ouch!  3 pts. per cup, so 6 pts.), Leftover Soft Taco Bake (?), Spanish Rice (4), water, Diet Rootbeer
Wed., Feb. 25, 2004
Ash Wednesday, so no meat today and my candy-free life starts.  Did Pilates.
Food:  Slim-Fast (4), Water, Progresso Minestrone (4), Grilled Cheese made w/ Fat Free Cheese (2), V8, 1 pkg. Fruit Smiles (2), String Cheese (2), Popcorn (1), Presto Marinara Sauce w/ Spaghetti (8), 2 pcs. Garlic Bread (2), Crystal Light, Diet Rootbeer.  Wow!  I did really well!
Thurs., Feb. 26, 2004
Tae Bo, done!
Food:  Slim-Fast (4), Coffee (2), Fried Rice w/ 2 Chicken Tenders (7), Cappucino (4), Cheddar Pretzels (2), Portobello Mushroom Ravioli (4) w/ Presto Marinara Sauce (1), 2 pcs. Garlic Bread (2), 1 svg. Lite Ice Cream (3), Diet Rootbeer, Water.  Stayed w/in points!
Fri., Feb. 27, 2004
I'm a LOSER!  Yey!  Lost a pound!  Guess not eating candy is helping.  Today is another meatless day.
Food:  Slim-Fast (4)
Did OK on Fri., but definitely went over points on Sat. & Sun.  Back on the wagon on Mon.!  Please see March's journal.

Fitness is a JOURNEY,
not a destination!
So take a new grip with your tired hands
& stand firm on your shaky legs.
--Hebrews 12:12