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Sarah's Weight Loss Journal

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Goal Weight Pics

These pictures of me were taken November 27, 2005 past my goal weight of 125 lbs.  Still have 1.7% bodyfat to burn off!  Currently wearing a petite medium shirt, size 4/6 petite or small pants.  WOOT!


124.5 lbs
Not the best lighting here,
so please ignore the hard shadow!


Back View
Butt looks pretty good (thanks TransFIRMer!),
but the love handles gotta go!


Side View
I finally have a butt!
Still can't get rid of the
post-baby belly flab.


I was being silly,
but this pic turned out OK!


Tough Chick!
Yeah, right.

Fitness is a JOURNEY,
not a destination!
So take a new grip with your tired hands
& stand firm on your shaky legs.
--Hebrews 12:12