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Sarah's Weight Loss Journal

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My July/August Journal

Goal Weight:  130
Mini goal:  135 on 6/2/04!  
Mini goal #2:  133 on 8/27/04!
Goal Pant Size:  10 or smaller      
Exercise Goal:  5 days per week
Weigh-In Day:  Changed from Wednesday to Friday
Body Type:  Thin/muscular arms & legs, big boobs, fat waist, and no hips.  Kind of like a guy.  I carry my fat in my belly.
Other:  I'm also a breastfeeding mom!

Wed., July 7, 2004
Whew!  Ate a lot of naughty things last weekend, but I managed to lose a half pound of last week's pound gain.  The inches are still melting off too, so I can't complain!  Lost a quarter-inch in the waist and hips--need to lose a lot more in the waist, though!  Took the kids swimming on Sunday and discovered that I desperately need a new swimsuit, so I ordered one.  Can't wait to get it!
Wed., July 14, 2004
Had company over the weekend and splurged on Peanut Butter & Chocolate Cheesecake!  Oh, it was DELICIOUS!  (And I still have some left!)  Somehow, despite my lack of staying OP, I lost that 1/2 pound I had gained a while back.  I really want to lost these last 4 lbs., but I'm so NOT motivated.  I'm tired of thinking about and planning and worrying over what I eat.  It's just so irritating after awhile.  No change in the measuring tape this week, but beggers can't be choosers!  I'll take what I can get!
Oh, I might add that the swimsuits worked out pretty well.  I ended up keeping the size 10s.  The size 8 bottoms did fit me, but I decided to keep the 10s and pull them up over my belly button to hide my problem area.  ;oP  I recommend Land's End for swimsuits.  At least, I didn't look too bad at the pool on Monday.
Fri., July 23, 2004
Didn't have a chance to update the site on Wed.  I gained a half pound.  I've totally lost my motivation.  I've been eating badly and cheating on my diet.  I just keep playing around with the same pound--gaining and losing it.  I'm very irritated with myself, but am just having a hard time staying OP.  Sigh!  Been doing fine with exercise.  Wish I could apply that same exercise discipline to eating.
Wed., Aug. 4, 2004
Been doing a little better.  Gained and lost 1.5 lbs. in the past two weeks.  Lost a quarter-inch in the waist.  Feeling a little more in control lately.  Hope to move the scale and measuring tape DOWNWARD past this hitch and lose these last 5!
Wed., Aug. 11, 2004
Ugh!  I gained a pound even though I stayed pretty well OP!  I've been playing around with the same pound/pound and a half for quite some time now--basically maintaining--so I think it's time to drop the ole point range.  I'm going to go to 20-25 pts. (drop 3 pts. from my range) and see what happens.  I'm also going to change my weigh-in day to Friday.  I need to have my WI be on SHP day and it seems like SHP day is usually Friday or Saturday, so I'm going to change it to coincide.  What spurred me is that I tried on my jeans b/c it's been cool here this week.  I can get them on and everything, but my belly fat is still majorly being squeezed out the top even though they don't feel bad on.  Looks AWFUL!  I really need to buy some new jeans anyway, but I WANT to lose this fat and no one's gonna do it for me.  ;oP
Fri., Aug. 20, 2004
Things are going OK.  Feeling more in control of my eating and really trying to concentrate on adding more veggies to my diet.  Lost that pound that I keep messing with, but hope to get things going downward again.  Will stick with this point range for another week or two, then see if I need to adjust downward again.  I keep reminding myself that no one is going to make me lose this fluff.  Only I can do it! 
Fri., Aug. 27, 2004
Woo hoo!  Lost 1.5 lbs., 1/2 inch in the bust, & 1/2 inch in the waist!  I'm LIKING those numbers!  Been sticking with the program pretty well, so I'm really happy with the results.  Three more pounds to go to my goal of 130!  I CAN do it! 

Fitness is a JOURNEY,
not a destination!
So take a new grip with your tired hands
& stand firm on your shaky legs.
--Hebrews 12:12