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Sarah's Weight Loss Journal

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My March/April 2005 Journal

New Goal Weight:  125 
Goal Weight:  130--Achieved on 12/10/04!!
Goal Pant Size:  10 or smaller      
Exercise Goal:  5-6 days per week
Weigh-In Day:  Friday
Body Type:  Thin/muscular arms & legs, big boobs, fat waist, and no hips.  Kind of like a guy.  I carry my fat in my belly.
Other:  DD weaned 10/19/04!

Tues., Mar. 15, 2005
Hello!  Well, it's been a while since an update.  iVillage stopped hosting websites, so they transferred them over to Tripod.  I haven't been able to access this site for updates for several weeks.  I have my work cut out for me today getting it updated.
Just to get you caught up, I was 127.5 lbs. last Friday morning.  Great, except it was up a half-pound from the week before.  Not awful, but I'm getting tired of this 2-steps-forward-1-step-back thing I have going on.  I am finishing up the FIRM's Hips & Abs rotation this week.  I'm gearing up to start the 6-week Boot Camp rotation next week.  Should be tough!  Also this week, I'm adding 100 calories to my diet--upping to 1400 calories a day.  We'll see how that goes.  My stomach sure likes all the food I get to eat!
I will update my chart with current weight and measurements and I'll be sure to get back to my regular Friday updates!  Keep on truckin'!
Fri., Mar. 18, 2005
The bad news is that I gained 1.5 lbs. this week.  The good news is that I lost another quarter-inch in the waist!  Guess I'll take inches lost over pounds lost, but it sure messes with your head.  The gain could just be temporary due to the increase in calories.  My body very well may decide to drop 2 or 3 lbs. all once next week like it did a couple of weeks ago when I upped to 1300 cals. a day.  I will keep with the 1400 cals. through next week to see what happens.
Today is the last day of the FIRM's Hips & Abs rotation.  I've seen some small results:  lost 1/4-in. in the bust, 1/2-in. in the waist, and 1/4-in. in the hips.  This translates into loss of boobs and my size 9 jeans fitting better.  Nothing major, but I gotta remember that this is a journey I'm taking and it'll take a while.
Next week, I start the FIRM's 6-week Boot Camp rotation.  I think I'll make a page for it so you can see what it entails.  Click to see the Boot Camp Rotation.  Have a fit day!
Fri., Mar. 25, 2005
Happy Easter!  I lost 1 lb. this week.  No inches lost.  That seems to be the trend with my body.  Seems I can't lose pounds AND inches in the same week.  Oh well.  Having family here for Easter weekend so the diet will be less than desirable, I'm sure. 
I'm REALLY excited, though!  I ordered the FIRM's new TransFIRMer step and 6 workouts!  I can't wait for them to arrive!
The first week of Boot Camp has gone well.  My sculpting day left me sore, but that was good since I hadn't done a pure sculpt workout in a month!  Next week is all about sculpting, so I'll be turnin' up the heat on the ole muscles!  ;oP
Have lots to do, so I'd better get moving.  I hope you have a blessed Easter!
Fri., April 1, 2005
Weight & measurements stayed the same this week, which is great considering I took last weekend off.   The Boot Camp rotation is going well.  This week has been intense sculpting and it's definitely intense!  I've been sore since I'm not used to doing a lot of sculpting and I've had a mild chest cold this week.  Next week will be cardio intensive.  Have a fit day!
Fri., Apr. 8, 2005
Ugh!  Gained a half pound!  Measurements stayed pretty much the same.  I think the measuring tape may show a loss in the waist in a week or two.  I *feel* thinner, but the scale isn't agreeing with me.  I had a dinner meeting last night.  Guess I shouldn't have eaten that chocolate cake!
My TransFIRMer and workouts arrived on Tuesday!  I'm really liking the TransFIRMer.  It is very sturdy and you can do a lot of different moves on it.  I am still getting used to working on the incline.  I have done only 2 workouts so far--Ultimate Calorie Blaster & Aerobic Body Shaping. They happened to fit into my Boot Camp rotation (cardio-intense this week).  UCB was tough and I was actually sore the next day!  ABS was lots of fun and my triceps are sore today. 
Next week is a recovery week in the Boot Camp rotation.  I'll be doing some Pilates and ab work as well as a couple days of sculpting.  Might try some of the new workouts then!
Last Saturday, I bought a few new clothes.  I'm happy to report that I bought a pair of size 8P capris and a Med. Petite shirt!  Woo hoo!
Fri., April 15, 2005
Happy Tax Day!  ;oP  I gained ANOTHER half pound this week.  Not sure what's going on with that--whether it's muscle gain or what.  The measuring tape isn't budging either.  I'm getting frustrated and wondering if I should drop back down to 1300 cals. a day or, instead, increase to 1500.  It should've been relatively easy to lose those last 5 lbs. by now--a matter of cutting only a few calories a day--but it's not turning out that way.  I just don't know what my body wants!  ARGH!
Instead of having a recovery week, I've been trying out the Jiggle Free series.  It's pretty good!  Jiggle Free Arms gave me Jello arms for about 3 days!  I'm going to try Jiggle Free Buns today.  Might have Jello legs all weekend.  LOL!  Next week is moderate intensity, so I'll be getting the intensity back up there.
Fri., April 22, 2005
Happy Friday!  I lost a half-pound this week!  No change in the measuring tape, but that will come.  After a lot of research, I decided to up my calorie intake to 1800 calories on FIRM days and around 1600 on rest days.  I did this all week and I have a half-pound loss to show for it.  It sounds so contrary to what we've been told about losing weight, but I truly believe my body thought I was starving it by eating so little.  I've really enjoyed eating more this week, but I've made sure that it's good food.  The cravings for sweets and junk have definitely decreased and I'm even planning on NOT taking today "off" my diet b/c I'm getting plenty of food now.  (I may allow myself a little treat, though.  We'll see.)  I am struggling with trying to get enough protein, but I'm working on it.  Bought some chocolate caramel whey protein from GNC that is not too bad and have been trying to get that in along with peanut butter and almonds.  It seems crazy, but I encourage you to figure your calorie needs and give it a shot!
Fri., April 29, 2005
ARGH!  Gained a half-pound this week.  The past month, all I've done is gain and lose the same half-pound.  This is getting frustrating!  I did have a sculpt-intensive week and bumped up to 15-lb. dumbbells, so the gain could be muscle.  And AF is set to arrive anytime now.  Still, I'm just not seeing results.  I guess I'll stick with eating more for a while a longer.  It's not HURTING anything, but it's also not HELPING anything.  Need to do some more research.

Fitness is a JOURNEY,
not a destination!
So take a new grip with your tired hands
& stand firm on your shaky legs.
--Hebrews 12:12