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Sarah's Weight Loss Journal

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My May/June 2005 Journal

Goal Weight:  125 
Goal Pant Size:  6?
Exercise Goal:  5-6 days per week
Weigh-In Day:  Friday
Body Type:  Muscular arms & legs, fat waist, and no hips.  Kind of like a guy.  I carry my fat in my belly.

Fri., May 6, 2005
No change in weight or measurements this week.  I think I need to cut my calories.  This week, I've hovered a bit above 1700.  Next week, I think I'll shoot for 1600 and see what happens.  1600 cals. is closer to what a lot of calculations give me for a heavy workout day minus 500 cals. to lose weight.  I'm searching for that caloric sweet spot!
Bought a Polar A5 heart rate monitor.  It's my Mother's Day gift.  ;oP  Have tried it only once, but it's neat!  I didn't have it working correctly for the whole workout, but it's neat to see how many calories I'm burning (around 146 for 20 min. of exercise).  Hope to get it figured out and have a clearer picture of my HR and burned-calories.
Today is my last day of the Boot Camp rotation.  While I've bumped up my weights during this rotation, I haven't seen any other results.  Talk about frustrating and for such a tough rotation!  Oh well.  Thinking of doing the FIRM's latest Jiggle Free rotation next.
My goal for the summer is to have a nice fake tan!  LOL!  Been experimenting with Jergen's Natural Glow and sunless tanners.  Found a great site for self-tanning instructions and tips:  I think the money spent on self-tanners is worth it to avoid skin cancer.

Fitness is a JOURNEY,
not a destination!
So take a new grip with your tired hands
& stand firm on your shaky legs.
--Hebrews 12:12